Sunday, January 3, 2010

And Begin........

Well,after months of collecting parts that caught my eye,I finally got ahold of the one part I needed to begin,building,''Haymarket Riot".

With a stroke of luck Chris and I heard of a farmer that had an original wishbone frame sitting in his hog barn that he needed to sell to pay for his newly late wife's funeral.The guy said' he had money to pay for everything except flowers and he wasn't going to let his wife have a funeral without flowers. So, after talking to the guy and having a beer with him he tells us he has his hen coop filled with 60's and 70's chopper parts if we wanted to rummage through it,what ever we wanted we could have.We spent at least an hour looking through old primary covers,tanks,handle bars,fenders but none of it was,''old school enough,we only wanted the type of stuff you would see in the pages of,the horse magazine.So,I gave the guy 100 bucks for the frame kicked him in the nuts and said fuck off.......................i'm joking of course,we're not cool enough to experience magical shit like that.................................I bought it on ebay......fuck yeah


  1. That frame is beautiful, it looks like it's racing through the mean streets of Chicago yet sitting on a table all at the same time. One day they will make a movie about this frame.

  2. That thing looks ugly. U shouldn't buy it. Just fucking with you buddy. I'm going straight to the leg's house to start tearing apart ur bike to get it ready for the transformation