Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Escanaba Special aka Operation Dyna Bolt On

I picked up this 2003 Dyna with 4,000 miles bone stock a couple months ago with the help of a couple friends. With a new baby and a busy job I new it was the inevitable. Push a button a go. When there is no time, sometimes you have to come to your senses and realize its just about taking advantage of free time and try to maximize it with your other two wheeled friends. My Evo chop will always be my main bitch but sometimes choppers are just a pain in the ass. Its a love/hate relationship. When this Dyna pretty much fell into my lap, the price was right and I had to jump on it. Its nothing special by any means.
 I just received my newly recovered seat done by the Haifley Bros out of Phoenix AZ.
So, here is the plan:
-New Progressive suspension front and rear
-8" risers
-4" Big Als bars
-Haifley Seat
-Remove rear signals and install integrated tail light/with rear signals
-Lay down license plate bracket
-Metzeler 880 tires
-Arlen Ness Big Sucker air cleaner
-Joker Machine fork tube LED front signals
-Stage one carb kit
Figure I would run it like this for a season then add a performance set of cams next winter.


  1. I'm digging it big time. Love the bar and riser set up. Thought about going big cams as well but with it being my cross-country-long-trip bike I'm concerned about reliability. Your thoughts?

  2. I am actually going to do a cam next winter. I want to upgrade the current cam chain tensioners to a gear driven cam before the current set up takes a shit. Revolution Performance has some nice performance set ups but $$$$$$$. My thought is, leave the motor,and top end alone till it blows up.