Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Breaking News!!!!

Violation Tour Research and Development team of Chris and Chris took one for the team this past weekend and got probed my Officer Unfriendly. Although, I think he was just jealous that he wasnt cruising around in a sweet machine.

In all seriousness, we headed west to Savanna to smooth things over with Jerry and to finalize the details for Friday nights VT party. Jerry is one gracious host and is helping out with putting the bands up with a place to stay and some good eats. After a much needed brewski and a ticket from the po po we ran up north to pick up a super secret motorcycle for Slims new chopper project. All in all it was a productive day and the El Camino ran good despite the horrible gas mileage.

We proudly present Chicago's very own Black Actress to headline the show on Friday night at a new bar in Savanna IL called the Man Cave.


  1. Carroll County deputies will get you every time. Especially deputy Haag.
    I was up there drinking with Jerry on Sunday checking out his new WL.

  2. Ya, I guess thats what I get for trying to run over small innocent creatures from Mother Earth as I entered town.