Friday, November 16, 2012


VIOLATION TOUR SHIRTS w/free stickers- $25 shipped in the US
All proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go back into supporting the run on June 7th-9th. We want to keep this a free event and the sales of shirts will be a great help. Since its the 5th year we wanna do something special and try to gather money for bands and special trophies. We will try to get shirts made ASAP...but please allow us some time since this is a pre-order sale.  THESE SHIRTS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE DURING THE EVENT. Since there are no chase trucks, I have to haul everything on my chopper and bringing shirts along with all my gear will not be an option. Violation Tour run is not supported by sponsorships or big name supporters so we thanks for your contribution!!

Send $25 paypal to Be sure to include the size you want (S-XXL).


  1. What if I'd rather send a money order?

  2. money order is cool

    Send to
    Chris Hartman
    1s133 Winthrop Ln
    Villa Park IL 60181

  3. Did you receive a payment from MO?

  4. Hey Jmb83. Sorry for the delay. After the pre-order I havent really been checking my Paypal. I have an extra in your size so I will ship it out this week. Thanks for your support. Hope you can make the run.

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