Sunday, October 14, 2012

Breaking News....

Big thanks to Chris McMorrow (aka Slim) for plugging away on our future sticker design. These stickers will be free with a purchase of a shirt, or if you make the run. Chris also has some great designs in the works for our shirts & hoodies. The plan is to make enough money off the shirts to pay for at least 3-4 bands to play Savanna IL on Friday June 7th. I want to keep this thing running as a true free underground event. All D.I.Y style. Also, we are hopefully gonna be setting something up to give out to some "stand out" participates. I'm thinking custom knives instead of trophies....something usable. Categories will be...Best Custom Bike, Farthest Distance Rider, and of courst Most Valuable Player for the one who truly embodies what VT is all about. Thats it for now. Im pretty excited already for next years run! Spread the word Homies!!


  1. Hey has anyone tried to heard from Brooklyn Ed Akers? I've tried a several times. Just making sure the guys ok. I'll post back if I hear something.