Sunday, June 17, 2012

Violation Tour Weekend.

H O L Y S H I T....where do I even begin. We had a really solid group of dudes this year. It always impressive when random dudes come solo and usually end up being some of the coolest laid back dudes only in it for the love of being on two wheels. The first night in Savanna was your typical retard party. Some highlights include, but are not limited to: Long Island Ice T's, "Gonna go smoke it up", Cops, Locals fighting in the street, more cops, Greens bar, Tequila shots, Girls dancing on bars, Rider Down, Smoking the weed, Fat Chicks, Fireworks, 4am bedtime.

Two hours later I was awoken by raingdrops on my head. Threw the rainfly on the tent and then it starting coming down pretty good for the next two hours. We waited it out a bit and took off. Got a little lost at first but it was a good lost. One of the guys said it was the best ride hes ever been on in 13 years cause the roads where so fuckin smooth. It was like riding in a painting...pretty surreal shit.

250 miles later and we reached Mauston WI. Pete (who owns the land) and his friends where some of the coolest dudes I've met. Road over to the waterfall so some of us could bath the road filth off.

Saturday night was pretty low key. Think it was a mix of no sleep, partying hard, and the long day. I was able to get some beers down and make it to bed by 2:30.

This weekend went by too fast. I just got home, Im sunburnt, dirty as fuck, sore, sleep deprived, but I wouldnt have changed anything that I did this past weekend. Got to see some old friends and meet a bunch of new ones. Ed Akers road his rigid EVO chop from New that just gos to show all you pussies how its done. Throw down the miles, live in the moment, and return for the next annual Violation Tour!!!!!!!


  1. Before I got half way through the pictures, I was thinking "holy shit" then I read the title caption... perfect! Awesomeness.

  2. This was so far the best year for VT, best group of guys who actually wanted to ride, no drama, no egos, no shitty was all about living life and meeting new people...FUCK A.