Monday, March 12, 2012

First ride of the season.

Its been a mild winter. Cant believe that its in the upper 60's low 70's. For the midwest, its not suppose to be like this in March. But, I'll fucking take it. Got my tubes back from Lil John at Extreme Cycle in Aurora this past weekend. I guess the lower fork bushings never got installed. Woops! But now the front end is tighter than an ugly eight grader. Did some other maintenance, cleaned her up, and was able to throw down some miles with a friend. We blasted around a little bit out by Sycamore, made a couple pit stops and got home before the sun went down. Overall, it was a great weekend. Its gonna be a good summer this year.


  1. Did you get your new trany in too?

    1. Not yet. I didnt get back as much as I thought on my taxes so I am gonna have to wait till the end of this month or beginning of April. Its gonna happen though!