Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scott's Pan/Shovel is coming along nicely

I've known Scott for at least 12 years now. Back then, he had hair, a shitstang, and lots of white tennis shoes. He backed over our friends parents mailbox one winter night when I was high on Ecstasy. We where all getting fucked up, drinking, partying, etc. Our friends parents where coming home from a funeral and saw the mailbox laying in the snow....they werent too happy with good ole scotty boy. But, he made up for it with a nice little apology note, his charm,and maybe even a new mailbox. Since that faithful night scott "mailbox" was born a legend. With more years to come and more stories, I have to say, Scott is definetly a character and I'm glad to call him a friend. We've shared lots of laughs and miles on the road. Scott will be posting on the blog from time to time. Welcome aboard you fuckin Dago!

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