Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some people are leaders, some are followers, and some will never break the mold.

Its funny how things progress in such a short period of time. You only go around once and if you wait too long an opportunity may pass you by. Sitting in your diapers at the age of 80 you'll be wondering where all the years went, why you didn't travel more, experience life a little more, or take a leap of faith and maybe be a little more happy with your lifes ambitions  I don't have kids, a mortgage, a wife. Pretty much......................I'm a free man.

When you move, you leave best friends,good friends, your girlfriend, family, and people whom you thought might be supportive of your endeavors.Time will tell who will be around 20-40 years and will it even matter by then?

I've never really cared about what other people think I should do with my life, and maybe that has came off as me being asshole, but, you gotta do, whatca gotta do sometimes and not worry about what your peers may think. Shit got pretty ridiculous before I left Chicago. Some people are pissed, some are missed, and some just probably don't give a fuck

Chicago as of late, is not a place for Blue Collar growth. Illinois is the worst state for job growth right now according to NPR. Union work is non-existent (except for the lucky few), Non-Union wages suck, commuting is horrible, and probably the worst in the country, if not, in the top 5. And, its expensive to try to survive independently on 25-35k a year, yet alone, support all your bad habits.

So, I took a Foreman job in Madison WI. Moved what little shit I had, and I am finally starting to get settled in. I'm hoping for things to work out and all my hard work to pay off. If not, I return to familiar land.

More pics to come, I'm excited to start exploring Wisconsin. The roads are smooth, the landscape is amazing, and its a nice breath of fresh air compared to what I am use too. Wish me luck!


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  1. Hey there's more to Wisconsin than cow shit and big red barns! Welcome to the promise land fighting Illini!