Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meeting time/place June 25th

So, since we are all gonna need gas I figured we'll just meet up at the gas station on the corner of North Ave and Bloomingdale rd in Glendale Heights. You cant miss it. 10am sharp!!!!

Our second gas stop will be in Oregon IL.

We should be in Savanna IL around 12:30 if all go's as planned. Heres my number if your planning on meeting us in town and ya dont see us. 630-461-8836

See you fuckers soon.


  1. Extremely excited to do this with you guys. I'll be the young punk on the Dyna covered in gravel dust. Can't wait to meet everyone!!

  2. Is the gas station on the north side of the road?

  3. North/west corner of intersection

  4. Cool man. Glad to have a newcomer! We'll keep an eye out for ya!

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