Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just about done

So, the bike is pretty much done. It fired up last week and needs a little more tuning and adjustments to make it a one kick fun machine again. I fucked the original pipes up pretty bad, so new ones got made and are at the chrome guys as we speak. BIG THANKS to: Bobby "the leg" Middleton from King Kustoms and Hotrods for the use of his tools,heat,garage,fun,welds and beard. Also, thanks to Mike "big mike" Pistello...aka MFB fro Rocket Engineering, and Andy for the paint. Also, I want to thank the Haifley Bros for doing up my seat just perfect!!!! Maiden voyage to Torquefest in just a few weeks!!!

Heres the links to my friendlies whom made this chopper possible.




Bobby and Abby


  1. This is the bike that is gonna change everything! Looks fuckin great Bro! The seat, the bars, the tank, the exhaust. SWEEEEEET!!!!