Monday, February 21, 2011

V.T 11

After seeing Motorhead the other night Chris and I decided that we'll still do our weekend the last weekend of June.....Depending on the people we know are coming, we'll meet in Chicago at my place friday the 24th...I've got a garage,a big back yard to camp in and plenty of bars in the area to pick up trashy's a pretty cool to blast down LSD at night if you never have....The 25th we'll have breakfast at the local greazy spoon and blast out......You can tell everyone that you done the unthinkable bullshit task of riding from a great lake to the great river. Anyone who doesn't or can't make it friday,youre always welcome to meet us out west or along the way.....We decided that one night along the mississippi is enough,do to the amount of shame that comes the next morning.

We decided that this is the one weekend a year we can actually all agree on to just get away and act like assholes.....

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