Monday, May 11, 2009

Update....the Violation Station....., the ride,,,the roads

Ah, Yes, The PoopHole itself. I finally made it up to the area to do some R&R and to make a dry run for the Violation Tour for what may be the best fuckin roads in Illinois. Thanks to Blackwolf for his great suggestions. All I can say is, I cant wait to tear this shit up

Poopys = Food, Free Camping, Booze, Bonfires and Tattoo's. What more do you fuckers want?

Heres the front of Poopys in Savanna, IL. Plenty of parking for bikes in the front and also in the back. The last time we camped here we just pulled em next to the tents.

The area for camping really isnt that big at all. First come first serve. That little shed to the left is actually a stage for bands. Out back is a couple picnic benches, some fire pits etc etc.

The outside back bar area of Poopys. I wanna say the bar is open till about 2am and now they serve food till they close which is a bonus.

The food at Poopys is pretty fuckin good. I had the Homewrecker the last time. 12 "inches of pure Violation goodness. The wings are good too but they made my butthole burn

Heading out from Poopys on sat we will be doing about a 100-120 mile round trip cruise. The roads that we will be taking will be some of the best I have seen in the Midwest. I have the gas stops worked out too for dudes like me who have to stop about every 60 miles.

I can only hope for weather like this--->

Whomever said IL didnt have any cool areas to ride is a fuckin retard. I think the picture speaks for itself.

Of course the downfall to this trip is getting there. I insist on everyone riding staggered!!! Watch out for shit like this. Give everyone in front of you some fuckin room. We dont want anyone to get hurt over someone who wants to act like he is Billy Badass in Easyrider. That shit is just plain ol stupid. Get my drift? You wanna ride fast....well, get out in front, or leave before the group does. Simple as that. If I see you riding next to me I will shoot ninja throwing stars outa my boots at your face.
Seeing shit like this on a daily basis just makes me wonder, "whats the point in trueing your wheels"?

This ride will take us to the little town of New Diggins WI. Theres 2 bars there that seem to be cool. Theres a sign that says "bikers welcomed" so, I guess that means us?
Cant wait till 20 or so hardtails pull up at this place. Lock up them daughters.

The other bar...

Its not leaning,,,, just my fucked up camera

We will be stopping for gas after New Diggins and heading back south on 84 through Galena back into Savanna.

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