Friday, May 6, 2011

Details on Violation Tour

Friday June 24th- I have been goin back and forth with Fridays plans. Some people sounded interested, logistics are gonna be a problem. and alot of people are just planning for the alchoholocaust thats gonna happen on, as it stands now...NO PRE-PARTY for Friday. For people who are coming in outa town Im gonna suggest a motel in the west burbs close to Saturdays take off point.

Duwayne Motel, 27w641 North Ave, West Chicago, IL 60185
(630) 231-1040

Saturday June 25th- We will meeting somewhere in the suburbs, probably somewhere close to 355 and North Ave. 10 A.M sharp!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can ride with us or meet us in Savanna, IL. Ride will be approx 130 miles or so. We all have small tanks so we will stop for gas every 60 miles. We will be camping at Poopys (Note- Poopys camp grounds have moved...still go behind the bar, but head up the gravel hill and there are some camp sites) Camping is first come first serve. Once we get there and set up, eat, shit, etc etc I will be planning a loosely organized run. You can come with, or try to convince the bartenders to have Anal sex with you for 4 hours. For those that are new to downtown Savanna IL,,,,its a small town, with lots of weirdos, vagrants, bars, knives, and mississippi river rats. Cops are usually cool...just dont be a idiot.

Poopys is open late into the morning for all you vampires....4am i think. 24 hour showers and bathrooms so you can wash off the filth.

THIS IS A FREE EVENT. No Venders, No Chase Trucks, just a good ole fashioned biker campout!

Hope to see some old friends and new faces! Its gonna be here soon!

email me at with any questions.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back from Iowa, Good weekend

It was a good weekend, Went to Torquefest with Kings Kustoms and Hotrods. I heard there where over 500 cars, a good assortment of bikes, and its all for a good cause. If you havent checked out this show put it on your calendar for next year. We decided to hit Savanna on Sat night and camped at Poopys, No rain which was fuckin awesome. Got to put almost 300 miles on the new chop and everything held together which is a good feeling......tired as goin to bed.